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Nice and Thanks!
On 2015年1月4日 周日 at 07:12 Vadim Peretokin <> wrote:
This is pretty fanstastic. Thanks!

On Sun, Jan 4, 2015 at 4:25 AM, Peter Melnichenko <> wrote:

I'd like to announce a new release of luacheck[1].

luacheck is a static analyzer and a linter for Lua which detects
issues like accidental globals, unused variables and values, etc. It
is fairly configurable and can be used as a part of automated testing,
manually from the command line or inside an editor[2]. It can be
installed using luarocks.

The only new thing in luacheck 0.7.2 is a flow analysis pass replacing
old and naive AST-walking checker. This improves quality of unused
value detection in some cases, e.g. in the following snippet first
value assigned to `var` is now detected as unused:

    local var = expr1()
    if cond() then
       var = expr2()
       var = expr3()

In the next release I plan to add a few new diagnostics using data
gathered using flow analysis; I decided to make an intermediate
release as internally there were a lot of changes and I want to fix
any possible bugs before releasing 0.8.0.

Any feedback is welcome.

Happy New Year!