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Lua 5.3 now implicitly adds a "return" to expressions entered interactively. 
This is done prior to pushing the line in history when readline is enabled. So 
recalling the command will include the "return" that was not typed. Would it 
not be more polite for history to remember exactly what I typed and not the 
implicit "return"? Consider if I'm testing a function then want to execute it 
in a loop. After adding the "while ... do" I can pull the function from 
history, but will have to erase the "return" that Lua helpfully added.

The problem of course is that Lua stores complete statements in history. It 
can't close a statement until it compiles, and an expression won't compile 
until it has a "return" added. Managing the history this way will be more 
complicated, but perhaps worth it to make interactive editing friendlier?

tom <>