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I published two more of our Lua modules, unix, and, net, on https://github/mbalmer under a BSD license.

The unix module contains Unix functionality I needed for some of my projects like fork(), select(), etc. It is not complete nor does it aim to be complete.  And it is not a replacement for luaposix either. See it as a Unix grab-bag for now ;)

The net module is for network access to easily create network servers and clients. It supports IPv4 and IPv6. It lacks TLS functionality, but that will eventually be added (I am working on TLS for a websocket module).

I put them on github in case they might be useful for someone. - Marc

ps: both lack a rockspec file, because I did not yet get an answer to the question whether a rock spec file can be in the same directory as the source code or if the sources have to be put in a src/ subdirectory…