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Briefly, the Lua part is the Gideros Lua framework we used to ease the application path - users are mostly not hot for Java.

We could have used Androlua, but that would not have brought the whizzy graphics!! Writing a Gideros plugin is pretty straightforward for both the Android version and the PC/Windows version - a few hundred lines of C or C++.

It works brilliantly on Android when you plug the master end of the cable into the Android device and the slave end into the FPGA board! On a PC, the puzzling crashes stopped when we realised that we were loading two copies of Lua :)

- non-volatile FPGA plus FTDI USB chip
- connects to an Android host mode USB port
- application software in Lua, with Java interface/driver
- high-level Gideros software for whizzy graphics
- FPGA firmware samples, including logic analyzer in source

Open source. Links to the docs and the Git repo: