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this message is to announce the availability of TermFX 0.6. TermFX is a library
for fancy terminal output based on termbox.
It means to reduce the weirdness termbox has in places, and provide some
additional utilities like offscreen buffers.

New since version 0.5:

* changed termfx.attributes() and  and buf:attributes() to have optional
  arguments, defaulting to the current default attributes. This way you
  can for example only change the foreground color.
* "fixed" Makefile to work from luarocks on Mac OS X. The problem was
  that termbox's waf build system would just compare the contents of $CC
  to gcc or clang, but when called from luarocks it contains some more
  stuff... unsetting CC before calling waf configure fixes this.
* setting cells to chars < ' ' will now set to ' '

You can get TermFX from

or via luarocks install termfx.