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I think debug.sethook docs ( should be more explicit:

1. It is not clear what value should be passes as "mask" if user wants a hook to be called at every instruction - is this value "", is it supported at all?;
2. There is a note "With a count different from zero, the hook is called after every count instructions." - it is not clear how debug.sethook works when count is not zero and "c", "r" or "l" mask is passed.


P.S. is it a right place to report such issues? I've seen "How do I report a bug in Lua?" section in Lua FAQ (, but it doesn't actually tell where to report the bugs. It says "Try also posting to the mailing list: someone else might have come across the same problem and have a fix or an explanation." - "Try also" made me think there could be another way to report Lua issues.