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Nice! :-)
But I can't do the same in my code, the instance object metamethod __index is forced to be a table (some functions expect that, which will need a "hard" code rewritting)

2014-10-20 19:24 GMT+02:00 Daurnimator <>:
On 20 October 2014 12:53, Paco Zamora Martínez <> wrote:
Thinking about the problem, comes to my head the reason for the lack of operator [] in Lua strings. IMO, it is related with the same problem I'm facing here.

It's not hard to change the string metatable to do this,
at least for an accessor; a __newindex doesn't make sense, as strings are immutable.

local stringlib = string
local string_mt = debug.getmetatable("")
string_mt.__index = function(s,k) if type(k) == "number" then return stringlib.sub(s, k,k) else return stringlib[k] end end


Pako ZM :)