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Hi, lua-l! 

I moderate the /r/lua message board on reddit; it's at and currently growing at its typical pace of somewhere between flowing molasses and glacial retreat, but anyway I can't complain, since it makes the moderating easy.

As we've grown, I've started to see people posting job offers on the board:

It's sort of a strange problem to have, but these threads don't generally get any [worthwhile] comments and users tend to down-vote ("dislike") them, plus reddit is not really a very good forum for job offers or job seeking due to a [mostly intentional] lack of any real attempt at identity management in reddit accounts, so reddit users don't have a serious reputation score or anything like that; there is karma, but it's mostly decorative. Plus, reddit threads generally get kicked off the front page depending on how many new threads there are, whereas job offers should be removed as they are filled, which isn't possible on reddit without really trying to circumvent the way it normally works. And of course we have no recourse for any sort of malicious activity, since the conversation all gets done in personal e-mails anyway.

I'm afraid the job offers aren't doing much good for us or for the people posting them, which means I should probably send them somewhere that they might actually find useful. The trouble is that I don't really know where people post Lua job offers; I myself work mostly in C and am employed as such.

So where do y'all Lua folks find jobs/employees? Is there any sort of job postings board for Lua programmers?