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I am currently trying to get a Lua script working that uses COPAS with client sockets, i.e. it does a copas.connect() call. The underlying OS tells me that the socket is opened twice: once with the result "timeout" which is perfect, but later again, and then it fails.

The code in copas looks like this:

function copas.connect(skt, host, port)
  local ret, err
    ret, err = skt:connect (host, port)
    if ret or err ~= "timeout" then
      _writing_log[skt] = nil
      return ret, err
    _writing_log[skt] = gettime()
    coroutine.yield(skt, _writing)
  until false
  return ret, err

One can see that there is a repeat-until loop around the skt:connect()
As far as I know, the "standard" method to connect a non.blocking socket is to call connect() and then do a select() to find out when it is writeable.

Possibly the above method works under Linux, etc. but it does not work with the OS I have to use. The second skt:connect() fails with an error telling me that the socket has an illegal handle (possibly because it is not a not yet connect()-ed socket).

Does anyone have a hint?