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On Fri, Jul 11, 2014 at 9:53 AM, Johnson Lin <> wrote:
> As you can see if you switch to Lua v.s. LuaJIT2 interpreter-only benchmark,
> on x86/64 it's ranging from 1.5x ~ 5.5x, so you would consider generally a 2
> ~ 3 times speedup can be expected, if it's pure Lua. However, on ARM it's
> only 1x ~ 3.5x ... So, if the same experiment on PC already yield only a
> little improvement, on non-jitted ARM environments the speedup can be nearly
> non-existent.

It makes me wonder... is the optimizing compiler for ARM just that
good on the Lua C code, or is there just not a whole lot of
optimization you can get out of hand-tuning?

/s/ Adam