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I have a bit of code that does the following:

    lua_pushcfunction( L, luaopen_Stuff);
    lua_setglobal( L, "luaopen_Stuff");

    lua_getglobal( L, "package");                 // package
    if( lua_istable( L, -1))
        lua_getfield( L, -1, "preload");            // package package.preload
        if( lua_istable( L, -1))
            lua_pushcfunction( L, luaopen_Stuff);     // package package.preload luaopen_Stuff
            lua_setfield( L, -2, "Stuff");            // package package.preload
            lua_getglobal( L, "print");               // package package.preload print
            lua_setfield( L, -2, "print");            // package package.preload
        lua_pop( L, 1);                             // package
    lua_pop( L, 1);                               //

    int r = luaL_dostring (L,
        "print ('print = ', print) \n"
        "print ('package.preload.print = ', package.preload.print) \n"
        "print ('luaopen_Stuff = ', luaopen_Stuff) \n"
        "print ('package.preload.Stuff = ', package.preload.Stuff) \n"

with the following result output:

print =         function: 00242410
package.preload.print =         function: 00242410
luaopen_Stuff =         function: 0024BF78
package.preload.Stuff =         function: 0024BF98

As you can see, the C function pointer for 'print' is the same whether obtained from the global 'print' or from package.preload.print. But for some reason, this is not true for my function luaopen_Stuff, which was pushed the same way both times.

What could be the reason for that?