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Hi Paul,
APRIL-ANN project needs to be updated, I send a very brief description, and it could be improved, it it is possible. Also, the name will be better in uppercase, we change it ;-)
Please, take the following paragraph:

APRIL-ANN toolkit (A Pattern Recognizer In Lua with ANNs). This toolkit is implemented by using an in-house package system and Lua binding tool for C++. It incorporates ANN algorithms (as dropout, stacked denoising auto-encoders, convolutional NNs), with other pattern recognition methods as HMMs among others. Gradient based optimization with backpropagation, Conjugate Gradient, Quickprop, RProp is possible. A package for automatic differentiation is being developed, which combined with gradient based optimization algorithms makes feasible learning of any differentiable statistical model. It is projected in one year to integrate decoding algorithms for speech, handwritten text and machine translation. Contributions are wellcome, the toolkit is in active development and a lot of work needs to be done.

Pako ZM :)

2014-07-04 12:02 GMT+02:00 Paul Merrell <>:
Hi, all,

I've just updated the Where Lua Is Used web page at
<>. What's
new is in the "What's New" section (first section).

Best regards


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