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Le 01/07/2014 09:52, Stefan Parvu a écrit :
Thanks David,

export LDFLAGS="-L /usr/local/lib"
export LIBS="-llua-5.2"
export CFLAGS="-I /usr/local/include/lua52"       # note: capital i
Fixed. Here a short review:

1. Use lua 5.1. Lua 5.2 will not work since some lib calls have been replaced from main
     distribution. lua_call for example. rrdtool configure will not pick it up.

2. You can use the distribution packages or compile your own. Make sure if you compile
     and build LUA yourself you will enable dynamic shared libraries for LUA. Default
     LUA is building the only a static lib.

3. luajit is not compatible with rrdtool's configure script. It will not correctly detect nor will
     it work. Thats a pain.

So I hope RRDtool people can look into their configure and add support for luajit to have a
faster processing of rrds via LUA. Until then we can use nicely Lua 5.1. Lua 5.3 is already out
so probable configure needs to be updated.

Good news :-).

PS : It's Lua, not LUA.