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On Tuesday, June 17, 2014 05:04:29 PM Leinen, Rick wrote:
> The Kinetis microcontroller I am targeting has 1MB of internal flash and
> 256KB of internal SRAM.  Neither is a lot, but I have much more flash.  By
> defining the table in C, I am hoping that I will be using less RAM since
> the Lua script will be smaller.  This may prove out to be negligible, but
> that is the thinking at the time.

The Lua runtime will allocate a table from the same memory pool whether the 
definition is made in a script or by C API calls. What you want to do is 
create userdata to allow scripts to access the message data in the C 
structures. You then have control over where that memory is allocated. You 
also save time by not copying data when dispatching the message.

tom <>