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You have to specify what you mean exactly.

The largest value representation is exactly "infinite" which is a particular float/double state. So there you have the largest number!
You get by local inf = 1/0;
Then you got the largest value that is not infinite, is what Luiz has posted,
Then you got the largest integer stored in double so that +1 does not induce rounding errors, which is 2^53.

On Fri, Jun 13, 2014 at 2:15 PM, Mayuresh Kathe <> wrote:

i wrote the following snippet (my first attempt at lua code);
-- power generator begin
function power(n)
  local x = 2
  for i = 2, n do
    x = x * 2
  return x

-- power generator end

i ran it with 'lua52 square.lua' which gave me an output of "inf".

is there any way to find out the largest number lua can handle?