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It was thus said that the Great Thiago L. once stated:
> Switch statement without fallthru and stuff:
> And yeah it doesn't support return and stuff and is slow and stuff but 
> there's probably a way to work around that...
> t = setmetatable({ function(...) end, etc }, {__index = function(t,...) 
> <default case> end})
> t[v]()

  local t
  t = 
    'one' = function() stuff() t.two() end,
    'two' = function() otherstuff() end,
    'three' = function() morestuff() end,
    'four'  = function() yetmore() t.five() end,
    'five'  = function() otherthings() end,

  Notice how one and four "fall thorugh" to the following cases.
> Too bad you can't do something like this:
> goto switch
> ::something::
> <stuff>
> ::somethingElse::
> <morestuff>
> goto exit
> ::switch::
> t = {function() goto something end, function() goto somethingElse end}
> t[v]()
> ::exit::

  Oooh, I'm having flashbacks to BASIC.  I don't think I ever wrote assembly
code this bad ...

  -spc (There's a reason GOTO has a bad rap)