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On Friday, May 16, 2014, Thiago L. <> wrote:
So I did some benchmarking:

It seems like pcall is almost the best way to do Groovy's ?. stuff in Lua:
(let me quote it)
"with the |?.| operator, an _expression_ like |p?.job?.salary| will be equal to null if |salary| is equal to null, or if |job| is equal to null or if |p| is equal to null. You don't need to code a complex nested |if ... then ... else| to avoid a |NullPointerException|."
(actually pcall is more like catching a NullPointerException but w/e)

Now here's what I'm curious about: how fast would indexing long chains be if Lua had the ?. operator? (so that (nil)?.whatever == nil and someObject?.whatever == someObject.whatever)

(Yes that does mean someone'll have to patch Lua to support ?., and yes they'll have to run all the stuff I did on my benchmark, and yes my benchmark seems to cause a glitch...)

Test it yourself:

debug.setmetable(nil, { __index = nil}) 

Then the `.`  operator will behave like ?

I'm curious for the results.