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Thijs Schreijer wrote:
> When building Lua using MinGW, the following structure is produced;
> {root}
>   +-- bin
>   +-- include
>   +-- lib
>   |    +-- lua
>   |         +-- 5.2
>   +-- man
>   |    +-- man1
>   +-- share
>        +-- lua
>             +-- 5.2

Did you run "make install"? I just skimmed through the Makefile and it
looks to me like "make install" wouldn't make a lot of sense on Windows.

When I am building Lua on Windows I just run "make mingw" and that
usually works out of the box for me -- all the libraries are looked for
relative to the host application (which I copy manually instead of using
"make install").

"make mingw" to me just means to use MinGW to build the generally usable
Windows DLL and EXE, not to build a configuration specially tailored to
MSYS where those paths might be relevant.

Best regards,

David Kolf