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It was thus said that the Great Colin once stated:
> Hi All,
> in our use of Lua we have stumbled over a small issue regarding the readability
> of parser error messages. This issue arises due to the fact that we often have
> Lua scripts embedded in other files, so the Lua parser believes to start in line
> 1, when it actually is somewhere else in the file.
> We would like to suggest the inclusion of the attached patch against
> lua-5.3.0-work2, which adds a new macro named luaL_loadbuffern. It behaves just
> like the - kept for compatibility - luaL_loadbuffer, except that it takes an
> additional integer argument with which the line number counter in the parser is
> initialised.


  Also, is there an easy way to get the line number in Lua, much like C has
__LINE__?  Because it would help me with error reporting with my C compiler
module [1][2].



[2]	Which relies upon the wrapper for TCC: