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Am 03.05.2014 21:27 schröbte Coroutines:
  I frequently see things buried under a shitstorm of opinions, not
facts -- not data.  I have been accused many times of making proposals
that aren't backed by usage data or patches, but while I've asked for
constructive criticism unfairly I often get blind dislike of added
syntax sugar, or dislike of ideas that can be attributed to other

That's the problem with syntax sugar proposals: The advantages are purely cosmetic and subjective, and a matter of opinion. If your only pro argument is "I like", you will get con arguments "I dislike" (and as Hisham already said, both arguments are not worth much unless you happen to live in Brazil). Sometimes you will also get objective con arguments like conflicts with existing syntax, difficulty of implementation, backwards compatibility, performance concerns, etc., in which case "I like" is worth even less. It is a lot easier to get a constructive discussion going if your proposal has non-cosmetic positive effects.