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On Mar 31, 2014, at 1:33 PM, Roberto Ierusalimschy <> wrote:

> Please read The test scripts are not
> portable; several tests do have system-dependent results. Nevertheless,
> a crash should never happen; thanks for the report.
> -- Roberto

I did read the information about the test suite. The issue with the prompts not showing up is likely not platform-dependant.

The dependancy on arithmetic overflow in unpack() should probably be changed so that dependance on a feature that is undefined from compiler to compiler is not being used.

The UTF-8 issue probably is platform-dependant, however, I would still like to figure out why a basic comparison of characters is not working as expected under OSX.

The issue with trying to load a dynamic library is very much platform-dependant, there I was just asking if anyone had some suggestions to make it work, as it seems it should be, but simply can't find symbols that should be there on load.

Finally, the signal/exit test is likely also platform-dependant but I included it for the sake of completeness in my report.

Honestly, when I read that the tests were not portable I expected a much larger number of failures. Given that I only had 5 issues with the entire suite is pretty darn good for not being portable! ;)

I hope the report does help, thanks for your great work on Lua, I really am enjoying it! :)