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On Mon, Mar 31, 2014 at 10:59 AM, Gavin Wraith <> wrote:
> 5. A StrongED script. StrongED is a popular texteditor (and
> disassembler and much else).

This is a common strategy with the old-school editors, vim and emacs,
where the editor is treated as an extension of the command-line.

I was thinking of this recently because I came into Lua from using it
to script SciTE[1], but have come to believe that it's easier to just
pipe your text through simple reusable scripts - and Lua is fantastic
for that.  There are only so many key bindings available for re-use
and it's easier to remember a command name ;)

Very old-school, yes; but it works.

[1] which offers a fairly low-level access to the editing buffer. But
such scripts are finicky and hard to test outside the editor