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On 2014-Mar-21 (Fri) at 17:44 (-0300), Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo wrote:

>> This is a work version. An updated reference manual is included but
>> all details may change in the final version. See
>> [ - - - ]
>> Enjoy. All feedback welcome. Thanks.


   There's a small grammatical error in section 2.1, fourth paragraph.

   The sentence:

      the programmer has the option of mostly ignore the difference
      between integers and floats or assume complete control about
      the representation of each value.

   would be more correctly written as either:

      ... the option to mostly ignore ...


      ... the option of mostly ignoring ... or assuming ...

   Also, in either case, it seems more natural to write:

      ... assume complete control over the representation ...

   Congrats and thanks to the Lua team for this interesting new release!


Joseph Manning / Computer Science / UCC Cork Ireland /