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This compiles fine on Windows 8.1 under minGW 4.8.1. Worked with a few tiny modifications to my custom makefile for Lua 5.2.3; the makefile distributed with 5.3.0 (work2) should work fine for standard build setups.

I give it +1 (at least) for the new features! And none of my 5.2 stuff has broken so far when recompiled for 5.3: not even my 5.2 bindings for C/Invoke, which are still being tested.

I think now would be a good time to deprecate automatic conversion of strings to numbers: we aren't even at 5.3.0 alpha yet, so plenty of time to try it out.

A feature I would love to see is a good FFI built in to Lua 5.3--a real boon to us who use Lua mainly as an extendible language.

Thanks again for the great work,