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I would like to create vector graphics with lua. I already managed to produce
graphics in different output formats using the luacairo library. However I
would like to use windows fonts now.

- Is there a way to use windows fonts with plain luacairo?
- Is there luapango as well? I could not find it directly, only as part of an
gtk package.
- Can the lgi library be helpful? It seems to include cairo and pango, but I
do not need any gtk or GObject related functions. But if it works I will try

Unfortunately I have no experience with compiling C libraries and the quite
complex dependencies involved are beyond my brain capacity. So if there are
any binaries available that would be good. Otherwise I can probably ask
somebody to compile it for me - but before I would like to make sure that it
solves my problem. So can you suggest the best option in my situation?

P.S.: I only need basic text handling. I know that cairo supports only "toy"
text handling, but this should be ok for me. I know that cairo has some
inbuild fonts but I need at least one symbolic font. If it is possible to
load more cairo fonts which include a symbolic one, this might be an option
as well.

thank you very much,
Michael Gerbracht