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On Thu, Mar 20, 2014 at 6:42 AM, 云风 <> wrote:
> 2014-03-20 20:51 GMT+08:00 Roberto Ierusalimschy <>:
>> Are you really sharing the Proto object or only the bytecode (and maybe
>> some other fields)? If you are sharing the Proto object, how to you
>> handle its constants (field 'k')? They include strings, and short strings
>> cannot be shared (at least directly), due to internalization.
>> -- Roberto
> I wish lua can support share strings and prototypes directly in future
> version , so that we can run many lua states on many-core , and
> passing the constants between lua states can be very cheap (like
> Erlang does).
> --

I personally wish it were easy to exchange data between lua
global_State's.  The main lua state -- as I understand it -- contains
both a data portion and an execution context.  When you create a
coroutine/thread you are creating an execution context, but its data
portion references the data portion of the main 'global_State'.  So
when you index a table it fetches it from the data structures in the
global_State, and the main lua state can independently fetch its own
data structures from that same area of memory.  The problem when
trying to share process memory between several threads is each thread
can modify the data portion of that main state independently and
corrupt it by doing so without coordination.  You could modify a table
concurrently while another state is trying to access it and well...
let's just say unexpected things happen (in theory).  I hate locking
the main global_State, I wish it were easy to exchange data between
global_States without serializing into a string :(  Maybe I have this
all wrong.  My 5.3 wish, though. :-)

PS: You can use lua_xmove() to exchange data between the execution
context portion of a lua_State but you can't easily move data between
global_States (from one data portion to another.  It's not really
something covered in the PiL, haha.  I imagine it would be quite
expensive and would involve invoking the GC in many cases to clean up
data that is officially "leaving" the originating global_State.