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How can a college bookstore in the USA obtain copies of the PiL--without buying the books from Amazon?

My university's on-campus bookstore is operated by Amazon's competitor Barnes and Noble.  When I adopted the PiL for a small (12 students) graduate class in our August-December 2013, the bookstore's textbook manager could not (easily) determine how to place the order.  He decided not to stock the book and then buy a copy from Amazon in the unlikely event that a student wanted to buy it from his store.

However, I may adopt the PiL for a larger (maybe 40 students) undergraduate class in our August-December 2014 semester.  Since the bookstore is contractually obligated to be able to provide copies, the textbook manager will need to stock a few copies without relying on his competitor's inventory.(Most students will buy directly from Amazon, but a few scholarship students are provided books through the campus bookstore.)

Any suggestions?