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Petite Abeille <> [14-03-12 20:04]:
> On Mar 12, 2014, at 7:49 PM, wrote:
> > I asked, whether it is ok to make the format of the data
> > public and it is ok -- it was already public (which I didnt know ;)
> ( So… hmmm… like… do we have to guess? Or are you going to give us a pointer to that mystery data format? )

Hrrmm...uuuppss, sorry...
Of course:

One set of data is one line long.
Each set of data starts with a "marker", which explains the kind of
data following the marker.
The data "words" are separated by ";".
The EOL is marked by a single "0", exception here is the line starting
with "REF".
The single "&" may be followed by * single character separated by
The marker is separated from the data by either a ";" or a ":" or
a space ("&")
The count of digits are fixed per data "word". There are integers with 
leading zeroes as needed.
The sequence of line is different from that below. 
A full sequence would be a little longish for this mail.

-- $1;1;;00350;00300;00350;00350;00350;00350;13750;18200;0
-- $2;1;;05806;04829;05806;04829;05806;04829;05806;04829;0
-- $3;1;;00000;00000;00000;00000;00000;00000;00284;00000;0
-- $4;1;;000000;000000;000000;000000;000000;000000;001782;000000;0
-- $5;1;;00000;00000;00000;00000;00000;00000;00531;00000;0
-- $6;1;;13511;13511;13511;13810;0
-- §7;1;;00000;00000;00000;00050;0
-- §8;1;;00000;00000;00000;00001;0
-- &  
-- CFG:000;001;003;000;000;000;002;050;075;005;002;005;010;000;000;002;0
-- DAT:04;1;0000001781;13750;18200;13810;025;05806;04829;00284;00000;00531;00000;001;050;0000001781;0000000000;00000;000;000;0
-- KEY:027;097;173;127;051;090;133;081;0
-- REF:5120mV
-- VER:068;115;000;115;0

The output originates from a AAA/AA NiMH charger ("AV4ms"/ The data can be used to analyse the
status of the accus being charged.

Best regards,