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On Mar 10, 2014 8:51 PM, "Hisham" <> wrote:

> Nice! I've done something roughly similar to this in a project at work
> (where development time was more at a premium than execution time).
> Apart from some goodies that handled our OO-in-C classes as special
> cases, the API was basically down to two vararg functions,
> Bind_arguments and Bind_results.

Splitting the arguments and the return values may allow llua to take advantage of printf and scanf syntax checks in the compiler. You'd have to abuse the syntax a little.

rv = call(G, io_read, "%p %s %d", Gstdin, "*number", 1024);
if (rv) {
     values(G, "%d %s", &n, &s);

This would be useful for people still mostly in the stack world too I think.

My feeling is that failure to unref is going to be a problem. Many people could use something like the Objective C pool-per-event, where their app top-level loop frees and/or complains about objects allocated but not explicitly moved to a long-term pool after each event. For web servers it would be per-request, maybe per-frame on games, etc.