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An online text-based application written in Lua, running on a Linux system... That is, a client can use a terminal emulator like PuTTY, or the Linux 'telnet' command, to connect to the application. I use the Copas module, which is very easy to do with little code.

My challenge is this. Connections to my application are in plain-text. Is it possible to use encrypted connections for security, using widely spread clients like PuTTY and the 'ssh' command? I'm not aiming to create my own specific client application.

A while ago I tried a solution similar to this. As far as I know, a Lua SSH module doesn't exist, and it might even be an impossible concept, because SSH is a daemon and is only used to log in to a shell. So I tried this approach: client logs in to my Linux system using SSH, the shell has a script that starts the Lua application automatically, and logs off the user when he/she is finished. To be honest I didn't use SSH, but I used the Telnet daemon, same principle. It worked, but it has too many disadvantages:
I might have overlooked some solutions to these disadvantages, or I might have even missed a completely different approach. I can't imagine I'm the first person on this planet that came up with the idea of creating a server program in Lua that uses SSH, or a similar widespread encryption. :-)

Have a nice day,
Paco Willers <>