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Hi I'm new to the so if this question has been answered already, please point me to the correct thread.


We are learning how to use ldoc to create a comprehensive API for our application framework.  We got the basics working fine just using the following

lua ldoc.lua  /home/src –d /usr/local/www/html/rinLIB –o rinLIB

where /home/src contains all of the .lua files

We are running v 1.4.0 of ldoc


The issues are:

1.       Can't seem to get @local tag to work

2.       Can't seem to work out how to use the config.ld file.  In particular how to get an examples section included

3.       We'd like to add in some context to the manual – online ldoc suggests using .md files for this.  No luck triggering anything to work here either

4.       Really would like to be able to create multi-line comments for params and functions that don't get automatically merged into a single paragraph


Most likely all of these are related to the fact that we are new to the process and have some basic config stuff incorrectly setup.  Appreciate any help on how to move forward.


Darren Pearson