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2014-03-02 21:21 GMT+02:00 Coroutines <>:

> As I was telling Mr. Laurie, string.sub() is fine but I very much
> disagree with string.find()/string.match() moving the starting index
> up.
> The problem is still there in 5.2:

It's not a problem, it is documented behaviour, and has been
like that for many years. Existing code may well rely on it,
so it is not going to be changed because some people

If you don't like it, it is particularly easy to change it yourself.

local string_find = string.find
string.find = function (s, pattern , init , plain)
   if init and init+#s<1 then error "string.find: invalid index"
   else return string_find (s, pattern , init , plain)