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On 24/02/2014 13.33, John Hind wrote:
For example, I would like to be able to say "yield this coroutine
until some real-time criterion is met" ( yield(for 10 seconds), or
yield(until packet received OR 20 seconds has elapsed) ). This would
enable a style of single-threaded real-time programming similar to
that offered by  (event driven), except that
scheduling coroutine resumes would be so much more powerful than just
scheduling function execution (as in node.js) because it would
maintain procedural context.

I think this has always been done in game engines (I too wrote one of those schedulers when working in the game industry). Even the Unity3D C# framework does this, although in a rather messy way.

I did some thinking about this idea, including a conceptual design
for  such a scheduler, but never progressed it as far as code.

I cannot publish the code, but if I remember correctly the basic idea of my scheduler was to store coroutines in a table when launching them, with an associated unique ID. The ID was passed to the C scheduler by the yield_until_some_event() functions (e.g. "wait until the end on this animation", or "wait n seconds"); the C scheduler kept a waiting list and awoke the correct coroutine (via its ID) when the desired event happened.