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> [...] And the ISO C standard paper I found says:
> 	The external representations in a text file need not be identical to the internal representations, and are outside the scope of this International Standard.
> NOTHING ELSE! Aside that lines must at least be 254 bytes long:
> 	An implementation shall support text files with lines containing at least 254 characters, including the terminating new-line character. The value of the macro BUFSIZ shall be at least 256.

The official ISO C standard says that too (ISO/IEC 9899:1999 (E), page 263):

  Data read in from a text stream will necessarily compare equal to
  the data that were earlier written out to that stream only if: the
  data consist only of printing characters and the control characters
  horizontal tab and new-line; no new-line character is immediately
  preceded by space characters; and the last character is a new-line

(This was posted to this discussion many messages ago.)

I am out of this discussion. Too much fact twisting (including about
what I said...)

-- Roberto