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Hi Scott:

On Wed, Feb 19, 2014 at 2:05 PM, Scott Morgan <> wrote:
> The Hindu Mahabharata takes ~15MB in English .txt form:
> I think it's the longest single work of literature (there are bigger
> reference works, like the Yongle Dadian)

Yeah, this will oveflow all the normal x86/amd64 caches, they are
presently at about 12Mb IIRC.
Anyway, as I was using linux, and it's C runtime is able to treat
anything as text, the zip file I used served enough, and it can be
grabbed for the internet if anyone wants it. And it is big enough it
allowed me to do some statistics ( like 87140352 bytes / 334802 lines
= 260.27 which diverges, but not too much, from the 256 I was
expecting, I was trying to stimate sync overhead, ).

Francisco Olarte.