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Am 31.01.2014 um 02:40 schrieb Hisham <>:

> Hello,
> We had the first such message back in March 2013 celebrating 250
> entries, and the next one 5 months later celebrating 300 entries.
> Another five months have passed and here we are, with 350 entries in
> the LuaRocks repository! (that's 350 different things for which you
> can run 'luarocks install thing'). Counting multiple versions of
> projects in the rocks/ and rocks-scm/ repos, that totals 1185
> rockspecs so far (this means 205 new rockspecs in the last 5 months).
> This is another milestone showing that the community keeps growing and
> contributing.
> Here's the updated evolution graph as of today:

What must I do to get luapgsql ( included?

- Marc