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I have installed lua-websockets with copas (luarocks install lua-websockets) for lua 5.2 and run into some problems.
Here is my way to solve this problems:

1. I have only lua 5.2 on my Windows 7 and the MinGW compiler.
2. luarocks install lua-websockets
3. Trying to start a test program with websockets: "lua5.1.dll is missing"
-> pack.dll depends on lua5.1.dll
-> down load the src rock of lpack
-> trying to compile:
--> failed because of lpack.c line:254 luaL_reg the header of lua 5.2 has this type "luaL_Reg"
--> now the pack.dll can be recompiled with lua 5.2 and linked to lua52.dll
-> trying a websockets test application
--> failed because of "rol" is nil. Problem is in websockets->tools.lua line:3 local rol = bit.rol
--> because bit32 (the bit replacement in lua 5.2) has changed the name "rol" to "lrotate"
--> changing line:3 to local rol = bit.lrotate
-> now the winsocket test application works fine,

BUT only the test application:
In my application I have to add a thread to copas. I use this example from the copas manual:
local socket = require("socket")
local copas = require("copas.timer")

local host = ""
local port = 10000

local skt = socket.connect(host, port)

  while true do
     local resp = copas.receive(skt, 6)
     print("received:", resp or "nil")
     if resp and resp:sub(1,4) == "quit" then


--> this example misses one important thing:
without this addthread() blocks during the (internal) first call of the thread function before the copas loop can be started.

Now every thing looks fine!

I'm new in this mailing list - is this the right place for this information?



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