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On Mon, Nov 25, 2013 at 2:30 PM, Andrew Starks <> wrote:
> Let me know if I can make anything clearer! I live to help with lpeg! :)

One way to help is to post working code! There were two errors. I
miss-named  filename_character in one case.

The other is that the illegal names apply to the extension as well.
Here is a tightened and tested version. Sorry for the noise!

local lpeg = require'lpeg'

--At the moment I am trying the following:
local P,C,S = lpeg.P, lpeg.C, lpeg.S

local filename_character = P(P(1) -S('\\?|"<>'))
local extension = (P('.') * (filename_character - P('.'))^1) * -1
local filename = C(P((filename_character - extension)^1)) * C(extension)

local t1 = "" -->  ext
local t2 = "file.next_ext"      --> file       next_ext
local t3 = "?file.bad"
local t4 = "other.file.?.bad"

print(extension:match(t3), extension:match(t4))