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It was thus said that the Great John Hind once stated:
> 3. Multiple inserts (and more spectacularly, removes) are a clear
> opportunity for performance optimisation, but it is easy to do this in
> Lua. Having the library functions just encourages inefficient coding.

  I don't follow.  Sure, 

	t[#t+1] = v



are the same, but 


might perform better as is than a pure Lua solution (for sufficiently large
values of N, where N = #t).  Okay, I haven't measured that, but that would
be my gut feeling.

  So, aside from a performance optimization, yes, it can all be done in pure
Lua.  But I also don't follow your "encourages inefficient coding' logic

  -spc (The rest of your post---I either agreed with, or don't have an
	opinion on ... )