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> On Wed, Nov 20, 2013 at 11:04 AM, Pierre Chapuis
> <>wrote:
>> I consider defining a map() function and using it with pure functions
>> (e.g. tostring) idiomatic.
> I think it would be more idiomatic to have it replace the table's content
> in-place, leaving it up to the caller to copy the table or not before
> modifying it.

Right. Actually most of the time that function would work for me.
But I wouldn't know what to call it. Does it exist in other languages?

I don't think copying the table before is a good idea performance-wise,
especially on PUC Lua:

The LuaJIT version could probably be made faster by pre-allocating
the tables. I used 2.0 so I didn't have handy.

Pierre Chapuis