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On Sunday, November 17, 2013, Hisham wrote:

So it seems I accidentally triggered a chain reaction of Kepler
Project releases. :)

Xavante 2.3.0 - Lua Web Server Library: Xavante is a Lua HTTP 1.1 Web
server that uses a modular architecture based on URI mapped handlers.
   luarocks install xavante

WSAPI 1.6 - Lua Web Server API: WSAPI is an API that abstracts the web
server from Lua web applications.
   luarocks install wsapi
   luarocks install wsapi-fcgi
   luarocks install wsapi-xavante

Copas 1.2.0 - Copas is a dispatcher based on coroutines that can be
used by TCP/IP servers. It uses LuaSocket as the interface with the
TCP/IP stack.
   luarocks install copas

Coxpcall 1.14.0 - Coroutine safe xpcall and pcall
   luarocks install coxpcall

And also from the previous email, Rings 1.3.0 - Rings is a library
which provides a way to create new Lua states from
within Lua.
   luarocks install rings

(Further build and installation instructions are available from the
various links above.)

Credits go to Fabio Mascarenhas who went through the work of porting
all those packages to Lua 5.2 in the beginning of the year, and to
everyone who submitted features and bugfixes that went into these

Why now: Back then we wanted to release them all, but we were blocked
by the absence of a Lua-5.2-compatible release of LuaSocket. The
updated Kepler packages sat dormant in Github since then. Today I
received a bug report that a rockspec was outdated and found the new
version in the Github repository, and went updating them and following
the dependency chain, until I got to LuaSocket. Since LuaSocket
3.0-rc1 seems to be the "de facto" release (even Linux distributions
are picking it up and packaging it as a release!) I decided to just go
ahead and add it to the stable LuaRocks repository and call it a day.
The confusion of having something called "-rc1" in the stable
repository will surely be smaller that the confusion users go through
when find no version of LuaSocket for 5.2 in the stable repo.

I also updated a bunch of documentation pages and links at the front page.

Hope Fabio doesn't get mad at me for getting those releases out now,
but I think it will take a while for him to notice since he's now busy
with his newly born baby boy (kudos to you Fabio, these releases are
in your honor :) ).

-- Hisham

Wow! Cigars all around, it appears! Congratulations, especially to Fabio and his growing family!