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> Behalf Of Marc Balmer
> Sent: zondag 17 november 2013 11:32
> To: Lua mailing list
> Subject: I/O fo binary data
> Hi
> How do you deal with I/O of binary data?  Do you use the standard io
> functions somehow or did you write your own bindings?
> As strings are 8-bit clean and can contain embedded zeroes, I have the
> feeling that they can be well used for binary data.
> Any thoughts, experiences, etc.?

Depends on your I/O, what's your usecase, what type of data, where is or coming from or going to...

I wrote some drivers for RS232 connected devices which supported lots of different formats, usually byte sequences, not particularly representing ints or floats and the like. So I used strings and did all parsing/building in Lua.