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Am 03.11.12 20:18, schrieb Luis Carvalho:

>> Is the PostgreSQL server side language PL/Lua being acitevly maintained (as
>> in tested against new PostgreSQL versions)?
> It is being maintained, but not as close to PosgreSQL release cycles. It's
> pretty much feature-complete, so updating the code to run on the latest
> version is most of the maintainance. I should be updating PL/Lua to PostgreSQL
> 9.2, and also to Lua 5.2. (There will be a talk on the workshop about PL/Lua,
> btw.)
>> If it is maintained, who is the current maintainer?
> That would be me.

During the last german PostgreSQL conference, I was asked if I could do
something to ensure PL/Lua is always in a good shape and tested/adapted
to the latest PostgreSQL versions.

Since I use both PostgreSQL and Lua heavily (and I wrote the
Lua/PostgreSQL interface at, I would of course take
this challenge.  But since you are the maintainer I see a conflict here ;)

What is the best way to deak with?  Should I crete a "clone" and call it
e.g. PL/PgLua?

- Marc