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Thanks a lot. So i have to look into compiler switches and defines.


Am 15.11.2013 13:31, schrieb kamicc olo:
Provided code snippet works well on `Lua 5.2.3 (rc1)` built with `gcc
4.6.3 (Ubuntu/Linaro 4.6.3-1ubuntu5)` on my Linux x86_64 machine.

On 11/15/13, Ulrich Schmidt <> wrote:
Hi all.
I detected a strange error in lua5.2.2 and tried 5.2.3 with same result:

I ran the testsuite "lua-5.2.2-tests". In "literals.lua" lua errors out.
I investigated the error and wrote this demonstration:

a = "0123456789"
b = ""
ok = true
while ok do
    local i = string.len(b)
    print(i, i-(""..i))
    assert((i-(""..i)) == 0, "string.len() result not int!")
    b = b..a

I am not shure its related to my Pelles-C Compiler. I already disabled
all Compiler Optimisation to be save.

Where should i start looking at? Or is it a real bug?