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This is probably a very newbe question but I have had an attempt to install luasockets fail and it seems to involve the linker failing to find object files.
I have luasocket unpacked to /usr/bin/luasocket-2.0.2.  Make compiles correctly when run in this directory but when it attempts to link I get a storm of messages about _LuaL and _Lua functions missing.  I have luaxlib.o in /usr/include/lua5.2.  (this is under OSX if that makes a difference).  

In any case make seems to be unable to find the Lua library files.  FWIW the Lua interpreter works fine but this is the first time I have attempted to use Lua with a C program. I assume that either I have something installed in a non standard location that is baffling make or there is some environmental parameter I need to set so make can find the object files.

I have /usr/bin and /usr/local/bin on the path, do I need to add /usr/include to the path?

As a follow on question is there some customary arrangement of files that Lua accessory programs expect to find resources in by default? I know that by the appropriate use of environmental variables and package.path I can store files anyplace but it seems to me that there are advantages to putting things in the default locations other programs expect them. 

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