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2013/9/20 steve donovan <>:

> Give it a bash, and in a few days I'll put a final 1.4.1 up in the
> luarocks repo.

It's not there yet, so 'a few' > 44 :-)

> To install:
> $ sudo luarocks install

When using it to build documentation for the current
master branch of Microlight, I get:

….$ ldoc ml.lua
reading configuration from /home/dirk/lua/Microlight/config.ld
format: using built-in markdown
format: using built-in markdown
format: markdown not found, falling back to text
output written to /home/dirk/lua/Microlight/doc

Not sure what markdown is being looked for, but I do have
the official one.

….$ markdown -v

This is Markdown, version 1.0.1.
Copyright 2004 John Gruber