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If I want to protect a metatable with an opaque value, by setting its __metatable field to non-nil, which is the best value to use?

The value true seems reasonable.

if getmetatable(t) then -- this would pass
    getmetatable(t)[k] = foo -- but then this would be bad

The value false also seems reasonable. It makes the above code OK, but means you'd have to explicitly check against nil to determine whether a metatable exists.

if getmetatable(t) ~= nil then -- this would pass
    print(getmetatable(t)) -- this is OK
    getmetatable(t)[k] = foo -- this is still bad

Anyways, I was just wondering if there is a reason to prefer one over the other. Or if another value is best. I don't care about debugging values or anything, so I don't need a string. Just opaque protection of the metatable.

What do you use?