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> I think you meant that "#define lua_assert(x) assert(x)" is all I need?
> Just defining LUA_USE_APICHECK does not change lua_assert() at all, and if I only define LUA_USE_APICHECK then lua_assert(0) does not cause an assertion. However, if I remove the LUA_USE_APICHECK define but do define lua_assert() then luai_apicheck() will also assert. :)

I think there are two different things here. LUA_USE_APICHECK does not
need lua_assert, as it defines luai_apicheck using assert directly.  As
its name implies, it checks only the API, not Lua internals.  (Usually
this is what people want.) However, if you are hacking the *insides* of
the Lua kernel, then it may be worth defining lua_assert. You can also
consider using ltests.h/ltests.c (distributed with the test files),
which defines lua_assert and some other checks (e.g., a basic allocator

-- Roberto