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There is a comment above luaH_set that says:

"beware: when using this function you probably need to check a GC barrier and invalidate the TM cache"

I have a function which is called from luaV_execute, it creates a Table object, which may or may not have nested Table objects, which is eventually assigned to 'ra'.

As I am creating this table entirely during the call to my function from luaV_execute do I need to worry about creating GC barriers? The tables have no metamethods so I do not need to invalidate any caches.

I am setting the array part of the table every time and potentially the hash part if needed. These values are being set to Lua strings via luaS_new. Right now I do not have any barrier calls in place, I do have lua_assert defined and I do not get any assertions during the execution of my code, nor when the Lua state is torn down, which leads me to believe I probably don't need a barrier call.

I just thought I would double-check here to be sure! :)