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Hello people and possibly, hoply Steve Donovan

I tried to use Orbiter's jquery library (require 'orbiter.libs.jquery') for several days. But almost came to a conclusion that I would only fail.

Orbiter's readme document also explains for orbiter.html, orbiter.text and a few other modules but orbiter.libs.jquery.

There is a module, bridge.lua which bridges orbit and orbiter but it doesn't seemed enough.

Let me list up problems.

#1. The object 'web' passed to the handler, jq_request() in jquery.lua has less(almost no) information in the case of orbit. For orbiter the object 'web' includes all necessary information the jq_request() uses.

#2. the result of jq_request() has to be orbit style. I tried to use _M.tostring. It could possibly a answer.

return _M.tostring(_M.call_handler(idata,tdata,,'click'))

I've got questions.

#1. I believe Steve (can I just call him/you Steve?) didn't finish the compatibility between orbit and orbiter for jquery library because it's impossible. am I right?

#2. If I can make orbiter jquery library compatible and usable for orbit also, I want to try to make it if Steve let me know some point how to do it.

#3. How can I implement ajax using orbit or lapis? I think I can do with orbit pages way. But is orbit page a good approach to implement a web? I believe not because it's a CGI - a proven bad old fashioned method.

#4. Can I make ajax/jquery using Lapis?

Thank you very much in advance!

Journeyer J. Joh
o o s a p r o g r a m m e r
a t
g m a i l  d o t  c o m